Renovation considerations

The Block, Better Homes and Gardens and Backyard Blitz have produced a generation seeking to benefit from renovating our homes. While renovating can be personally and financially rewarding it comes with significant risk and stress. Your available time, skills inclination and budget will dictate if you take a DIY approach, renovate with trades (manage the job, do the demolition, select the colour scheme, source fixtures and fittings, remove and install simple fittings etc) or outsource the entire project. Unless you are particularly skilled you will need to contract the licenced trades (electrical and plumbing) and conduct training in project management in order to request the issue of an owner builder’s licence. Read more for our renovation tips.

Lighting Design

Planning your lighting requirements is not as difficult as it may seem. The right lighting can make tasks, such as cooking, working on crafts, or simply reading, more efficient and enjoyable; lighting can also be used to set the mood of the room. A well designed lighting system allows you to achieve a number of outcomes – and it doesn’t have to be expensive.