Builders Canberra, Murrumbateman & Yass Valley

Imagine Homes is your local builder. Nestled among the wineries of Murrumbateman we service Murrumbateman, Yass and the wider Yass Valley and Canberra. We are accredited as GreenSmart Professional Builders by the Housing Industry Association and deliver custom homes and renovations. So where do you find our passive solar house plans? You don't - a sustainable home can't be delivered by simply selecting a passive solar plan and plonking it over a site plan. Read more for detail on our niche capabilities below.

Rural building company - Acreage home builders

Rural building company

As we are located in the Yass Valley we understand the requirements of country living. Just because you live in the country doesn't mean that country style homes have to conform to a specific style. However, they must be practical, suited to country living and suited to your site and your needs. We understand that a home and its environment should be as one, whether that environment be in the country or country urban.

Acreage home builders

So you are, or you are thinking about, living "The Good Life"; that is living on acreage in Murrumbateman or the wider Yass Valley region.Living on acreage has a lot of appeal; the privacy, the fresh air, space for the kids, and life at a pace that you set.  Likewise when it comes to designing and building your dream home you have a blank canvas. So what is an acreage or country style home: whatever you want it to be? Our job is to match your needs to the your acreage; we work you to incorporate both style and functionality to country living