Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy sets out the policy Imagine Homes with respect to the way we collect, use and disclose information about you; including through our website at  We adopt and are bound by the Australian Privacy Principles contained in Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (“the Act”).

We understand and appreciate that you are concerned about privacy, particularly in relation to the use and disclosure of Personal Information.  We are committed to providing a high level of privacy in relation to all Personal Information that is collected by us.

This Privacy Policy applies to Imagine Homes and  Intelligent Constructions & Electrical Pty Ltd but not to other companies or organisations or websites to which Imagine Homes is linked. 

An act done or practice engaged by us as an employer that is directly related to an employee record is exempt from the Privacy Act.  An employee record means a record of personal information relating to the employment of our employees. It includes health information and personal information relating to:

  • the engagement, training, disciplining,
  • resignation or termination of employment of an employee;
  • the terms and conditions of employment of an employee;
  • the employee’s performance or conduct;
  • hours of employment, salary or wages;
  • personal and emergency contact details;
  • the employee’s membership of a professional or trade association or trade union membership;
  • the employee’s recreation, long service, sick, maternity, paternity or other leave; and  the employee’s taxation, banking or superannuation affairs.

Despite what is outlined above we treat the Personal Information of our employees with absolute confidentiality and strict controls are exercised over who has access to such records.  We will not disclose employee records to any third party other than as permitted by law or this Privacy Policy, without your prior consent.

Your Consent

You consent to your Personal Information being used in accordance with this Privacy Policy by any one or more of the following:

  • requesting our services;
  • providing us with your contact details and consenting in writing for such details to be conveyed to a mortgage broker or financier;
  • by visiting our website or participating in an online enquiry; and
  • by visiting any website or social media site established by us, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, YouTube and Linked In (“Social Media Sites”); and
  • by participating in any activity on a Social Media Site including but not limited to entering competitions, subscribing to our blog, posting, pinning or uploading any material on any Social Media Site, following, liking and/or commenting on us or anything on any Social Media Site (“Social Media Activity”).

What Personal Information do we collect from you?

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, “Personal Information” is information or an opinion about you as an identified individual or an individual who is reasonably identifiable, whether or not the information or opinion is true and whether or not it is recorded in a material form.

The type of Personal Information collected by us may differ, depending on whether you are or would like to become a client, supplier, employee or independent contractor.

Generally, the type of Personal Information collected by us includes your name, address, mobile and telephone numbers, facsimile number and email address.

If applicable we may also require details of your company’s ABN and/or ACN, financial information including bank account and credit card details, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, your employer and occupation details, and title and mortgage details of any relevant property.

Via Social Media Sites, we may be able to obtain other information about you which may itself constitute Personal Information or which, when combined with other information, is capable of identifying you, including photos, videos and any other information that you include on our Social Media Sites or sites linked to our Social Media Sites (“Other Sites”).  The level of information to which we have access may depend on your privacy settings on such Other Sites.

How do we collect your Personal Information?

We collect Personal Information in a number of ways, including:

  • from you when you provide us with this information by telephone  application forms, customer satisfaction surveys, contracts or any other document provided by you to us;
  • through analysis of the Social Media Sites conducted by us or by third parties on our behalf;
  • from third parties such as credit reporting agencies, insurance companies, Building Services Australia or your representatives;
  • from publicly available sources of information; and
  • from our own records.

Through our website we can obtain Personal Information if you send such information in an email or when you complete an online enquiry.  When you look at our website, we may make a record of your visit.  The following information may be logged for statistical purposes and for the purposes of marketing and advertising to you:

  • your internet protocol address;
  • the date and time of your visit to our site;
  • the pages that you have accessed and the documents downloaded; and
  • the type of browser you were using.

How do we use and disclose your Personal Information?

We will use and disclose your Personal Information for purposes that relate to the operation of our business and the provision of our services to you.  These purposes generally include:

  • supplying our products and services to you;
  • providing quality assurance for our products and services;
  • responding to your enquiries and feedback regarding our business, our products and services;
  • monitoring the performance of our business;
  • marketing including email marketing, promotional and educative activities;
  • enforcing the terms and conditions of our engagement with you;
  • for the management of our database; and
  • ensuring compliance with statutory obligations.

We may, from time to time, communicate with you directly to promote our products or services.  On each communication, we will advise how you may unsubscribe or opt out of receiving such communications, including by emailing the relevant Privacy Officer and asking them to be removed from the mailing list.  Alternatively, you can fax or mail a request for deletion.

Other disclosures of Personal Information

­As a client or prospective client of a Imagine Homes your Personal Information may be disclosed to a mortgage broker or financier, and any other third party if necessary to facilitate any of the above mentioned purposes.

We do not and will not rent, sell or otherwise disclose your Personal Information to any other company or organisation.  You do, however, consent to our use and disclosure of your Personal Information where we outsource any of our functions, including database management and client satisfaction surveys, or to external services.

Disclosure of your Personal Information viaSocial Media Sites

By engaging in any Social Media Activity on our Social Media Sites, you agree to and are subject to the terms and conditions of such Social Media Sites.  Any Personal Information pinned or posted or uploaded by you onto Social Media Sites can be disclosed in accordance with the terms and conditions and privacy policies of such Social Media Sites.

Generally, photos and other material pinned or posted to Social Media Sites will be able to be viewed by the general public.  Such photos and other material may be re-pinned and re-posted by others indefinitely and will be visible by anyone visiting the locations to which the photos or other material have been re-pinned.  You may be able to remove the photos or other material that you have pinned or posted from the location at which you pinned or posted it.  However, any material that has been re-pinned will be out of our control and neither you nor we will be able to remove it from any re-pinned location.  We are not responsible for any material that has been re-pinned or re-posted.

We reserve the right to remove any photos, comments or other material that is in any way inappropriate or offensive (in our opinion) from our Social Media Sites.


We are committed to ensuring the security of your Personal Information and we will take all reasonable steps to protect this Information from misuse, interference, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure, including:

  • ensuring the physical security of our premises and databases/records;
  • restricting access to personnel who need that information in order for us to be able to provide our products and services; and
  • technological measures, such as computer passwords, data back-up, anti-virus software and firewalls.

We will take all reasonable steps to ensure the Information is accurate and up-to-date and relevant for the purposes for which it may be used pursuant to this Privacy Policy.

Please note that our website does not provide systems for secure transmission of Personal Information across the internet, except where otherwise indicated.  You should be aware that there are inherent risks in transmitting Personal Information via the