Sustainable Homes

So just what is a sustainable home? It is very hard to tell with so many buzz words trying to describe the same thing. Be it green homes, environmentally friendly houses, thermal comfort homes, eco houses or passive solar houses they are all really trying to describe the same thing: a home designed on common sense. The common sense approach to building sustainable homes is based on five key themes:solar passive design, use of materials that have a low embodied energy content, are recycled/recyclable or contribute greatly to energy reduction; low ongoing energy consumption; conservation of water; and adaptability to future use.

The key to a sustainable, or common sense home, lies in the design. A design and materials  that take advantage of climatic conditions to maintain a comfortable temperature range in the home to reduce reduces or eliminate the need for auxiliary heating or cooling, which accounts for about 40% of energy use in the average Australian home. The importance of considering all of the elements together cannot be overstated. Paying attention to the principles of good design means that material choices and water and energy consumption are all optimised. This approach can result in a lower up front cost due to reduced wastage and minimised ongoing costs through lower energy requirements. Going hand in hand with this is a reduced cost to the environment.

Imagine Homes is a Housing Industry Association GreenSmart accredited builder specialising in the delivery of custom designed homes that are in harmony with your site and the local environment. When we design your home we consider aspects related to climate, your site and your requirements. Is it time to turn your dream into reality?

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